Partnership with

"My Father's Home" 


We are excited to partner with "My Fathers Home Foundation" in Lahore Pakistan. This ministry is bringing glory to God in many different ways in Pakistan. Holding evangelistic crusades that are seeing thousands of people hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as rescuing children off the streets and reaching into a brick factory feeding children and teaching them the word of God.   


THe Mission

My Fathers Home is a ministry of Consuming Fire Church in Lahore Pakistan. Pastor John Javed and his team are currently going into a local brick factory that uses young children 5-9 years old to make bricks. This ministry feeds approx 150 children every week. They are also able to teach them bible stories and shower them with the love of God. We believe that this effort is making a difference in the lives of these neglected children and is key for them in understanding the love God and the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  


our Opportunity to help

This ministry did not come to us asking for help. As I was in contact with Pastor John about working on discipleship materials for their new converts, I saw the pictures of these children and read what they were doing.  I felt a direct move of the spirit of God to ask Pastor John if they needed our help. This has opened up an opportunity for us to partner with this ministry to touch these young lives in a tangible way by " feeding the body" and  a spiritual way by " restoring the soul". This is what Rice N Beans is all about, from the streets of Charlotte or half way around the work in a factory making bricks.


What is your part?

We are have committed to take on the financial side of the weekly feeding program while the team in Pakistan are the "boots On The Ground". We have also committed to prayer support of the work being done in Pakistan through this ministry. We will have monthly updated and are very excited to watch and see as God change these beautiful children's world. By you supporting Rice N Beans your are not only feeding the underserved in Charlotte but now feed these underserved children in Pakistan. Click Here To Take Action