All photography provided by Daryl Sutherland

You can make a difference. 

Some people have the resources to help in financial ways and others have the time to give face to face, both are investments into the lives of those Jesus died for and God has called us to serve. 



Tell your friends and family about Rice N Beans. There's no better way to make an impact on the underserved than to become an active advocate yourself. Join us now on the streets of Charlotte and make a lasting impact on a broken life

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Your tax deductible donation allows us to connect with people in underserve communities locally, domestically and globally,  fulfilling our scriptural mandate in Act1:8. Thru your generous gift we are able to provide food, clothing and personal care items that are specific to seasonal needs while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. You can donate two ways.

Mailing your funds by check saves us 3% in processing fees!  Write a check payable to:      

                Rebuilding Paradise- 847 Shady Bluff Dr Charlotte, NC 28211

Or click on one of the link below     

“ Make Donation” or you can choose to partner with us thru a recurring gift for RNB or staff support.

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